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Gearbox Tuning

Custom Written Profiles for your Automatic and Semi-Automatic Gearbox.

The Perfect Addition to Our ECU Remapping

What is Gearbox Tuning?

Just like a modern vehicles engine is controlled by an ECU (Engine Control Unit) most modern gearbox's are also controlled by a computer or TCU (Transmission Control Unit). This unit controls shift speed, shift points, maximum RPM, maximum torque per gear amongst other things. Not only can we alter all these setting but we can also do a whole lot more.

Who is Gearbox Tuning for?

A common misconception is that remapping and tuning in general is aimed solely at motoring enthusiasts, when actually it is for everyone. A gearbox tune is the perfect addition to a remap for drivers with automatic transmissions. Finally you can have the control and driving experience of a manual with the thrill and excitement of a racing style "Flappy Paddle" gearbox. And to top it all off when you're not in the mood, just stick it in drive and cruise.

How Do We Do It? 

After making sure your vehicle does not have preexisting issues by carrying out a visual check and is free from any fault codes. Some vehicles can be modified through the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port, however others require access to the TCU.  Once connected we unlock you're vehicles TCU parameters and either upload a pre-designed profile template and a modified version based on you;re specific requirements or requests. We then start the vehicle check for any issues and then invite you to take a test drive, finally you will be issued a tuning certificate. Then if at any point your file gets overwritten by a software update during a service or you would like to restore the vehicle to standard before you sell or replace it. We can simply restore either the mapped or original file.

What Can You Expect?

Now that we understand what gearbox tuning is & how it is simply carried out. We can dive a little deeper into how TCU Tuning can actually benefit & enhance your vehicle:

  • Increase Shift Speed - Meaning better acceleration and all around improved driving experience.

  • Modify Shift Points - Change the RPM when the gearbox changes each gear. 

  • Increase Torque Limiters - Raise the maximum torque allowed in individual gears

  • Remove Limiters - Raise you rev limit, remove static limiters or even remove speed limiters.

  • Enable Launch Control - If available on your vehicle.

  • Add Throttle Blips - Your engine will rev a small amount on downshifts to assist rev matching.

  • Adjust kickdown and much more. 

What If You're Not Satisfied?

All gearbox tunes come with a 24 hour, no quibble, money-back guarantee. This is due to the Licencing involved in unlocking the vehicles TCU.