ECU Tuning

Custom Written Remaps for your Car, Bike, Van or Tractor.


What is Remapping?

In simple terms remapping, sometimes referred to as ECU tuning or Chipping is where the settings in a vehicles control centre are modified to alter fueling, ignition timing and boost pressure to change the performance and/or efficiency of a vehicle based on the owner's preferences. Using tried and tested methods and never exceeding safe limits our technicians are able to customise how exactly the engine operates, safely. This is the same thing manufacturers do when they release different vehicles with the same engine but different power levels.

Who is Remapping for?

A common misconception is that remapping is aimed solely at motoring enthusiasts, when actually it is for everyone. From everyday car and bike owners who would like better drivability around town or a little more "go", to tradesmen noticing the strain of heavy loads or even holiday goers towing caravans. When buying a new car manufacturers charge a premium for power, often over a thousand pounds to get a few extra horsepower on the same car by using a different "map", we do the same at a fraction of the cost. 

How Do We Do It? 

After making sure your vehicle does not have preexisting issues by carrying out a visual check and is free from any fault codes. Most vehicles can be modified through the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port, however some require the ECU to be removed. Others require the ECU to be sent away, however this is very rare. Once the ECU is accessed we download a copy of the default "Map" file, this is modified by our expert file writers. The modified file is then uploaded to the ECU and refitted if removed. We then start the vehicle check for any issues and then invite you to take a test drive, finally you will be issued a tuning certificate. Then if at any point your file gets overwritten by a software update during a service or you would like to restore the vehicle to standard before you sell or replace it. We can simply restore either the mapped or original file.

What Can You Expect?

Now that we understand what Remapping is & how it is simply carried out. We can dive a little deeper into how ECU remapping can actually benefit & enhance your vehicle:

  • Increased Performance - Meaning better acceleration, Easier Overtaking and all around improved driving experience.

  • Improved Fuel Economy - YES more power can mean less fuel!!! Better acceleration means less time at wide open throttle.

  • Better Towing Experience - More power and most importantly more torque puts less strain on your engine when towing heavy loads.

  • Remove Limiters - Raise you rev limit, remove static limiters or even add/remove speed limiters.

What If You're Not Satisfied?

We are so confident with our engine remaps that they come with a 30 day, no quibble, money-back guarantee.


A lifetime warranty on your tune.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can remapping damage your engine?

No. Not if done correctly. Although the changes you make may put further strain on the engine. If the remapping is done by a trained professional then your engine will be perfectly safe. 


Can all cars be remapped?

Not necessarily. We often find that cars built before 2000 are simply just to old and therefore do not possess the ability to be ECU tuned. 


Does Remapping affect your insurance? 

We strongly recommend that you tell your insurance provider if your car has been modified (remapped). Most, if not all consider remapping as a car modification. You will generally see an increase in your insurance premium if you decide to go ahead with remapping your motor. 


Are Diesel Engines Worth Remapping?

Diesel engine remapping is very popular because of how well diesel engines respond. When it comes to remapping diesel engines, we can offer economy and performance remapping or even a mixture of both. An effective ECU remap will breathe new life into your diesel car. Engine remapping is also very popular for fleet operators, as it vastly improves fuel economy.