BMW E46 Convertible Premium Audio Upgrade Package

BMW E46 Convertible Premium Audio Upgrade Package


Complete Premium Audio Upgrade Kit for BMW E46 Convertible


This is a comprehensive audio upgrade kit using premium equipment that will, totally transform the audio experience in your car. Even if you have a factory "Premium" Harman Kardon system, it's not in the same league as this package. The factory HK kit may well have been premium for car audio 20 years ago but unfortuanely it barely comapres to modern entry level car audio systems. Treat your ears to audio clarity worthy of a home cinema, with crisp high notes and deep low bass, this package really does tick all the boxes.


Kit Includes:


1 X JL Audio RD900/5 - 5-Channel Amp

1 X JL Audio RBC-1 Remote bass controller

1 X Amplifier Wiring Kit

1 X 6-Channel RCA Leads
1 X JL Audio C2-650 - 6.5" Component speakers

1 X BMW E46 165mm Speaker Adaptors

1 X Custom BMW E46 Front Tweeter Adaptor Plate

1 X Kicker 47KSS504 - 5.25" Component speakers

1 X Custom BMW E46 Rear Speaker Adaptors
1 X Kicker KA447LS82 Subwoofer

1 X Custom BMW E46 Convertible Subwoofer Enclosure


Please Note

Enclosures and adaptors