JL Audio C2-400x - 4-inch (100 mm) Coaxial Speaker

JL Audio C2-400x - 4-inch (100 mm) Coaxial Speaker

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Coaxial Speaker System: 4-inch (100 mm) Woofer, 0.75-inch (19 mm) Silk Dome Tweeter


The Evolution C2 systems deliver sparkling high-frequency detail, smooth mid-range and powerful mid-bass, thanks to real silk dome tweeters and precision-engineered woofer designs.

The C2-400x system features 4-inch (100 mm) woofers with mineral-filled polypropylene cones, long excursion capabilities and stamped steel frames. The woofer design benefits from JL Audio's vast woofer design experience and advanced modeling systems.


Breakaway mounting tabs on the woofer frame allow the C2-400x to be installed in four-hole or two-hole configurations. Injection-Molded adaptor plates are also included to allow mounting of the C2-400x speakers into a 4 x 6 (100 x 150 mm) speaker location.


Tweeters are coaxially mounted and built with 0.75-inch silk dome diaphragms that deliver smooth, extended response, on and off axis. The small size of the C2 tweeter minimizes tweeter protrusion, allowing C2 coaxials to fit behind most factory speaker grilles.


Speaker grilles are included, each consisting of a black grille tray with satin silver accents and a black steel mesh grille with an electroformed JL Audio logo.


Sonic character: Clean and Dynamic


Sold as a pair.

  • Technology

    Silk Dome Tweeter

    Light, fast moving silk dome material promotes high-frequency accuracy. 

    Detailed Information:
    Silk is a natural material with inherently good characteristics as a tweeter diaphragm. In addition to being very light in weight, silk exhibits excellent damping properties, which reduces ringing and resonances in the tweeter’s passband, leading to a smooth, pleasing high-frequency character free from unnatural sibilance or exaggerated brightness. Compared to a harder material dome, a silk tweeter does not exhibit as much ultra-high frequency extension, but is preferred by many audiophiles for its overall balance.

  • Specification

    General Specifications

    Continuous Power Handling (RMS) 35 W
    Recommended Amplifier Power (RMS) 10 - 50 W / Ch.
    System Efficiency 84.5 dB @ 1 W / 1 m
    System Nominal Impedance 4 Ω
    System Frequency Response 71 Hz - 22 KHz ± 3 dB

    Coaxial Physical Specifications

    Frame Outer Diameter* (A) 4.02 in / 102 mm
    Grille Tray Outer Diameter (B) 5.20 in / 132 mm
    Motor Outer Diameter (C) 2.36 in / 60 mm
    Frontal Coaxial Tweeter Protrusion** (D) 0.56 in / 14 mm
    Frontal Grille Protrusion*** (E) 0.66 in / 17 mm
    Mounting Hole Diameter (F) 3.81 in / 97 mm
    Mounting Depth (G) 1.81 in / 46 mm

    *Does not take into account mounting tabs
    **Frontal coaxial tweeter protrusion measured from mounting surface
    ***Frontal grille protrusion measured from

    mounting surface

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